Cremation's Gone Corporate

by Logan Romkey

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Self deprecation and experimentation. This album is comprised of tracks made out of frustration in a writing rut. Listen to me whine and attempt at music over insane loud bullshit.


released April 7, 2017



all rights reserved


Logan Romkey Indian Mound, Tennessee

An inexperienced, YouTuber and writer who enjoys making dumb and somewhat experimental songs.

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Track Name: Shit
Oh shit it's time to record a video
write a script and edit that podcast I said I'd do 5 days ago
But not before I jack off 3 times
watch YouTube for the next 6 hours
Oh shit it's time to go to bed
I guess I'll start now
What the fuck am I writing I can't think
I'm so tired
To Hell with this shit I'm going to Bed
Track Name: Cremation's Gone Corporate
Cremation's gone corporate motherfuckers
You really think I'm express my deepest thoughts and opin-ions on Web video? Ha fuck off this ain't Vimeo. I got a reputation of 5 viewers to keep up. Soon to be 5000 in umm uhh time when I work cause I've been working totally working not procrastinating. Right yeah. Don't wanna scare em' away with stories about jacking off.
At least you my bandcamp fuckers me myself and no others cause that's how I like it or so I proclaim in the public eye. You really think I'm gonna describe this shit sti ? Nah Bandcamp's my bitch and no one's gonna know haha.
I call that Furnace a diary fam that shit be a facade. You dummies think I'm not playin with my meat rod ha yeah.
I'm not accesible, I don't wanna be not till the check or potential of one comes in. If YT's my fake life then Bandcamp's my vice. You dummies don't get shit behind close doors, now I'm to relay ya ass to the floor.
(You see it's like poetry it rhymes george locus sample)
Ahhh thanks George a dead meme from past. Only here to remind me how much I'm fucking hack. I can call out you community niggas for days but when I get away I'm still the same shit faced, dick crazed, mind phazed, talentless bitch you ever seen. I get my kicks from showing the fact I'm teen.
I got time I got time tomorrow or the day after to watch all these Japanese Animes and simul blog for that dollar. Till then I be suckin' my dick on how much work I get done. Ha vlogs count towards channel right?
An LP a day keeps the vieweror at least that's what I say before going on tangents about how my patreon isn't growing. You dummies really are something haha.
I'm Yabuki Joe with my level of respect guess it's time to write a aformal apology to the groups who take offense then it's back to the same damn shit.
Oh my name is attached to this song..... oh
Track Name: I'm Supposed to End This EP But I Can't Because I Have No Talent
Track Name: Outro
I'm gonna kill myself (repeated)